Halloween Highlight Competition!
by Dingit.tv - October 23, 2017 in

Halloween is soon upon us, but are you truly ready? We’re pretty prepared for it, with marshmallows, random zombie survival kits we got off the internet and now all we need is to have plenty of creepy gaming videos to watch. That’s why we’re running a special Halloween themed highlight competition on Dingit.tv.

Resident Evil 7 – And Stay Dead!


Do you think you can scare us? This competition runs alongside our regular weekly event, but we’re looking for the very best in horror gaming moments, either from titles that fall under that genre, like Layers of Fear, Alien Isolation, Dead Space, Resident Evil and more or if you’ve managed to capture some random spooktastic moments in other games. We’ve heard tales of a ghost roaming in Grand Theft Auto.

To send us your spine tingling, nail biting, maybe amusingly ghastly video game clips, just use our super simple submission page found here (and in the ghoulish image below). At the end of the month we’ll pick the spookiest pumpkin spiced gaming highlight winner and they’ll win $200 which will hopefully be enough for a handful of garlic and some personalized stakes!

GoOOOod luck!

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