Give your Input – DingIt Launches Comments and more
by - December 7, 2016 in isn’t just the place to be for premium high quality highlights from all your favorites video games and eSport teams, it’s a place for you to get involved and our new update is the next step (of many) where we let you truly integrate with

We know that you come to to view all sort of great gaming highlights – be they amazing stunt moves, hilarious moments in game-play or glitchy cut scenes or just a truly astonishing fail on your part that was to glorious not to share with the world.


Now when you pop by you will notice a on the sidebar a news feed, that allows you see more video options that might intrigued you. You can see what’s fresh on the list and what’s popular.


We’re extremely excited about having a flexi-functional comment section, so now you can share your honest thoughts on clips you’ve seen, send a shout out to your favorite content creators and eSport teams, like Splyce and even share your own content within. You’re not limited to words either, as our system allows for attaching screenshots – so if you’ve not got a clip of your own, you can still share a great snap from something you’ve done in-game.


You can use these new functions right now! We’d also love to hear feedback from you regarding other site functionalities you think would make a good fit for Dingit and help with community interaction. Feel free to send us your suggestions here or via our social media profiles.

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