Future Games Summit 2016
by Dingit.tv - June 20, 2017 in

Spread across two days, in Mayfair, tucked away in Grovesnor, we attended the Future Games Summit. Here’s some higlights from both days.


To kick things off include, after an initial introduction to the agenda of the day, a very positive discussion regarding the impact of Brexit on the gaming and recruitment industry. That came after an interesting futirsitic showcase of the Hololens by Roger Walkden. The Hololens is certainly revolutionary though we’ve yet to see if it has any real long-term benefits outside of the workplace.



That was followed by a Developer and Publisher debate, featuring Paul Sulyok (Green Man Gaming), Harvey Elliot (Playstack), Garry Williams (Sold Out) and Hans van Brakel (Soedesco), superbly moderated by Dr Jo Twist.


Then a panel of experts, Alexis Marz (MMP Tax), Tony Pearce (TeePee Games), Tom Leigh (Crowdcube) and Travis Winstanley (Kuju Start-ups), focused on investment and tax lead a talk on pros and cons of Crowd Funding and other methods behind getting your game out there.

The second day was focused primarily on eSports, allowing for various aspects of the industry to be discussed and presented, by a panel of experts and invaluable roundtable topic based clusters of people from many companies that support the ever popular, ever illustrious world of eSports.


Fnatic Head of Business Development Darren Newnham provided a great and informative presentation on what has worked so far in the big world of branding for the eSport team. They have a pop up store this week in Shoreditch, for anyone based in London!


From start to finish, both days had great conversation, enlightening discussions with points that transcended specific gaming areas and the whole event was thanks to NewBay Media, who did a tremendous job organizing   the event and being on hand through both days. The event was also sponsored by Games Aid, who are another wonderful charity that deserve a lot of support and a big thanks for the success of the Future Games Summit this year!

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