Formula E look to get involved in Simulation Racing Esports
by - January 7, 2017 in

CES has been a great event to kick 2017 off. One of the exciting stories to come from the event in Las Vegas was the news that, Formula E, held a racing esports event which saw 20 Formula E drivers go up against 10 skilled racing fans, all hoping to win an amazing $1 million.

Held at the Sports Business Innovation Summit during CES, the tournament will act as a “litmus test” for an official Formula esports division, according to Autosport.

Fans have been competing to enter the tournament over a series of qualifying events. Those who made it through have been assigned a Formula E team to represent in the race.

The CEO Alejandro Agag stated: “We’re definitely looking at professional esports. Vegas is the beginning, it will be very interesting to analyse how the whole thing works.

This is exciting news for esports in general but also for the racing genre, giving it a strong boost for as a competitive event and for fans who specifically enjoy racing games to others.


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