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by Dingit.tv - May 26, 2015 in
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We’re still in our infancy here at DingIt – but we’re growing – getting better by the day – and we’re really making waves. We’ve got big plans – and they’re working. We aim to be the best and thrash our competitors. And we’re getting there.

As our broadcasting stable grows, our technology improves, and our events get bigger and better, people are starting to pay attention. Not the nay-sayers, with their “you’ll never do it, you’ll fizzle and die off” malarkey either.

This week alone, MCV and Redbull have both released features about us – which is pretty awesome – so we thought we’d share the news!

Image courtesy of Deviant Art

Image courtesy of Deviant Art

Redbull talked with our very own esports coordinator – Adam “Madals” Simmons. They discussed our awesome technology that sets us apart from the competition, our weekly events with an $8,500 monthly prize pool, our sponsored events, our broadcaster earning incentives and rewards program, and our future plans.

MCV did a nice general overview, touching on all the salient features we offer, including our exceptionally short delay of only 4 to 6 seconds – meaning it’s much easier to communicate with your audience as a broadcaster with DingIt.

Overall, the pieces are a big deal for us – and goes to show we are definitely moving in the right direction!

– Katy Willis

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