Exclusive Dingit.tv Partner Interview: PentaSports
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Pentasports has become a household name in the esport world, especially in Austria and Germany, where they have continued to rise and thrive. This year they also became partners with us at Dingit.tv, sharing the best gaming moments from their global takeover. Andreas Schaetzke, talks to us about the origins of PentaSports and exciting endeavors to come.

1. Tell us a little about your role with PENTA Sports and how you got involved originally?

We started our journey in 2013 with another project, where five German Teams came together. After that we developed this idea of the five Teams into PENTA Sports. Today I am behind the Marketing and Business Development of PENTA. For us it is really important to find new ways, take risks and develop the brand in many new directions. A good example is the Esports Performance Center in Berlin.


2. What is it about the world of esports that you enjoy the most?

The flexibility and creativity! For me there is no other industry where we have so many challenges and also chances to develop ourselves into the future market of esports. This is extremely exciting and is for me the definition of pure spirit in esports, or let me say in the business of esports. And of course the international communities and networks, plus the love to the game and big events around the globe are highly enjoyable!

3. Are there any gaming titles at the moment, that you believe could work competitively?

To be honest this is always a big surprise. As League of Legends was developed by their own fans and user base, the same fans come to play for each new esports title. Without the right viewership and players behind every game, it will be hard to create a new strong esports title. PUBG is the best example, the numbers are just crazy and now the publisher has all in their hands to make it right. For now we have a few games on the radar, but we can´t make any choice after as we haven’t see the hard facts.


4. Have you any advice for people wanting to start their own esport team?

Start now! Every day you wait, it will be harder. And then try to learn as much as possible. It is a new and hard way of Entrepreneurship to start an own esports brand or team. First of all it is important to understand the business behind esports and his different revenue streams and opportunities. Also I have to say – and sorry to tell you – that the dream of a Tier1 esport team isn’t realistic. If you start today, you have to focus to get still into the scene and establish yourself in the middle field after 12 months. If you hit this target, you can be really proud. Also a single mistake can be punished harder as you think, be careful!


PentaSports Public Plays Vol.1

5. How has your time been so far with Dingit.tv?

Amazing! We enjoy the great content and platform. For us it was a no-brainer to join Dingit after the first conversations we had. Today all PENTA Fans can enjoy great and special content and we are happy to develop together even more for the future! Dingit has a really innovative and new concept to compete in the market. For us it was the right choice and we enjoy every month!

6. How do you and your team like to celebrate whenever you’ve won a match/tournament?

There are actually crazy moments and ways of celebrating! The best is of course if you are live at the event or tournament. Actually we have a lot of hardcore fans behind PENTA, even one fan has a PENTA tattoo, can you believe that? We are more than impressed, this is a huge honor for us and every day we spend at PENTA, working to create this brand. Mostly we celebrate together in Skype Groups, in the Teamspeak or even over WhatsApp. The management is every day in communication and we follow every single match – if we can!


7. Any exciting exclusive news you can share with your fans?

We will have some cool news in the next weeks until 2018. We worked hard to realize this and bring PENTA into a successful and promising future! More I cant say for the moment.


8. What are you hoping Santa brings you?

Love, time with the family and a great time for every PENTA member!


9. Finally, what’s your proudest gaming moments?

Actually we are really proud on the development in 2017. We learned a lot and with the Esports Performance Center, plus three world top Teams, we are under the best 15 Teams in Europe today. To win twice in a room the ESL Pro League in Rainbow Six, this was just amazing!

Do not miss out on the best moments from Pentasports on their Dingit.tv Portal and follow them and us to be part of the adventure in 2018!

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