Exclusive Dingit.tv Partner Interview: Mockit
by Dingit.tv - October 30, 2017 in

Great news everbody! Rocket League esport stars Mockit have become the latest addition to our mesmerizing partner squad on Dingit.tv. With that we were fortunate to be able to do an interview with Chris ‘Izzail’ Baillie, COO of the team and find out more about what makes them tick and exciting events down the road.

1) Tell us a little about your role with Mockit and how you got involved originally?

My name is Chris (Izzail) Baillie and I am the COO of Mockit esports. I oversee the day to day operations here. I originally started out as a shout caster for Rocket League tournaments with Mockit and enjoyed my time here so much I took it further.

2)What is it about the world of esports that you enjoy the most?
 I really enjoy the competition. Seeing the best in their game battle it out is amazing. It’s a new scene (esports), so being in at the early stages is very exciting. I also enjoy the fans and meeting and talking with new people. There are so many people with the same enthusiasm for esports as myself and I love to see that.
3) Are there any gaming titles at the moment, that you believe could work competitively?
When H1Z1 came out a few years back it was a game that instantly grabbed me. I was very excited for the future of it and we are now starting to see the competitive scene emerge. New games such as PUBG and Fortnite are definitely games to lookout for in the future. The Battle Royal, space in general is something I am excited for and the competitive scene should thrive.
4) Have you any advice for people wanting to start their own esport team?
Yes. Start small and build a community. The esports scene is a big one and people can get in over their heads if they try to do to much to fast. Build your fan base and slowly climb the ladder.
Paschy90 Mini Montage – Rocket League
5) What do you think the future holds for h1z1?
The future of H1Z1 is a bright one. With the Pro League starting soon and the money that is being put into the competitive scene I am hoping for big things here. $50,000 salaries for pro players is a huge step forward and should help to solidify this scene. Also the talent pool right now is insane, so it should make for quality events for a long time.
6) How has your time been so far with Dingit.tv?
 It has been great. The staff at Dingit.tv has been very helpful and I am excited for the future!
7) How do you and your team like to celebrate whenever you’ve won a
We have definitely won our fair share of tournaments but are still missing a world championship. Finishing 2nd in RLCS twice was hard on the teams but was a huge accomplishment. Celebrations for tournament wins vary but once we take down a World Championship I am imagining something quite big.
8) Any exciting exclusive news you can share with your fans?
We have some big events lined up including an event at Mike Vicks house in the coming months. A lot of big things coming for Mockit!
9) Finally, what’s your proudest and maybe not so proud, but funniest gaming moments
Finishing 2nd in RLCS twice was a huge accomplishment and one that we are very proud of. As far as funniest gaming moments well you may just have to tune into Dingit.tv and Mockit to find out!
Well you heard it here everyone, to ensure you don’t miss any crazy moments that are coming up from Mockit, be sure to follow their portal which is constantly updated with the best and insane highlights from their teams and global tournaments!
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