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MnM gaming are one of the hottest stars on the esport scene now, trail blazing across the UK and there seems to be no stopping their momentum. We talked exclusively with Kalvin KalKal Chung, one of the founders of the company to find out more about what makes them tick and what adventures lie ahead.

1) Tell us a little about your role with MnM and how you got involved originally?

I am Kalvin KalKal Chung and I am one of the two founders of MnM. My role can be split into team manager, marketing, business development and social media. If something needs to be done then I’ll be there to do it. Originally I started with my brother and some friends and we wanted to play Counter-Strike:Global Offensive competitively. I started going to a few LANs around the UK, met people in the scene and that’s how I entered the esports industry. Later we started MnM as an esports club. 

2) What is it about the world of esports that you enjoy the most?

I would say it is new and challenging. Although there are many mirroring factors with more traditional sports, the industry itself still holds various different not yet seen aspects such as streaming and accessibility. I enjoy finding new ways to improve myself, MnM and contribute to a growing industry to make it prosperous and stable.

3) Where globally do you see being beneficial for MnM in the next 6 months?

It’s difficult to breach the global scene. Support can be limited in new and growing industries, in particular the UK esports scene, which can be a big factor to play in the growth and expansion into more international waters. It is difficult to say as 6 months in my opinion is not very long as talks, implementations and new support takes time to cultivate.

4) Have you any advice for people wanting to start their own esport team?

Do not do it unless you truly want to grow the industry and you are in it for the long term. It is difficult to see any returns or results within a vast short of time and that can be a deterrent for many people. If you want to just be part of the growing industry, I would not recommend starting your own team or club as a first choice. If you do wish to start your own team then be careful as the esports industry is close knit and you should always be careful about stepping on another person’s feet. Work had, be smart and give it all your passion and I think you’ll always succeed whether it is starting your own stream channel or your own team.

League of Legends – We Havin’ Chicken Tonight!


5) What do you think the future holds for League of Legends?

There have been a numerous amount of rumors circulating the EU League of Legends scene regarding the future of EU LCS. These are just rumors so I cannot make any judgment on them regarding the future of League of Legends. In the current state I think there is need for change as League of Legends player numbers remain high but the viewership dwindles. As for the future I think League of Legends is a key in bringing in more mainstream audiences into the world of esports as it remains one of the largest player bases in the current industry.

6) How has your time been so far with Dingit.tv?

I enjoy working with Dingit.tv and believe they play an important role with MnM and our content creators. It helps us catalogue our most favourite, shameful and funny moments.

7) Have you any favorite editors that you have worked with?

Rhys Rasmussen is our current main editor for our UK content and he has been an amazing editor so far. Creative, intuitive and determined are words that fit Rhys well. Sammy Lam and Timmy Ross are also a credit to the success of MnM’s content.

8) Any exciting exclusive news you can share with your fans?

It is off season in League of Legends as Worlds is currently going on in China. This doesn’t mean that we have not been working hard behind the scenes though. The 28th of October will display new changes to our support to our players, the MnM company itself and our content team.

9) Finally, what’s your proudest and maybe not so proud, but funniest gaming moments?

Funniest moment…I don’t think I have one and I think that’s a good thing. I still manage to fit in games every so often with friends and I have fun a lot of the time so I can’t seem to pick one particular moment in time out, that must mean I have a lot of time having fun..or raging.


You can follow their gaming journey and find their best highlights on their partner portal on Dingit.tv

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