Esports Kits are Coming to FIFA 18
by - September 26, 2017 in

Fans of of both esports and FIFA who are planning on getting the next in the world famous football series, might have an extra incentive with news that esport team kits will be usable in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

So far only  Fnatic, Team Liquid and Vitality have been confirmed, but it is likely that more will be added to the roster, whether that is via free or paid for DLC, again it’s too early to say. The reason these top three teams have been selected for the first wave is due to their current existing affiliation with Fifa, with Fnatic’s Sam Carmody, Team Liquid’s Lasse Baekkland, and Team Vitality’s Corentin Chevrey.

We wouldn’t mind getting our hands on these jerseys in real life!


FIFA 18 is currently slated to launch worldwide across all major gaming platforms on September 29. Remember you can find awesome FIFA highlights on 

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