Esport dominates growth in the US
by - November 15, 2016 in

Data collated from a recent survey focusing on eSports, has revealed that an impressive 14% of Americans over the age of 13 follow, play and support eSports.


The survey was conducted by Nielsen, a consumer and marketing research company and highlights a  detailed look at the results which showed that, 77% of eSports fans are male, and 61% are between the ages of 18-34.


Their Director of Games Nicole Pike, indicated that the numbers could mean that advertising on eSports broadcasts, brings a stronger return-on-investment than traditional sporting broadcasts.

A direct quote from Pike reads – “eSports fans are looking for authentic, non-interruptive, and value-add connections with brands in the eSports space,” said Pike. On average, US fans hold more favorable opinions and stronger brand loyalty to brands that advertise during eSports events when compared to traditional sports broadcasts.”


The idea that eSport could become something gigantic has been established as fact for a couple of years now, gaining more popularity, not just with gaming enthusiasts, but advertisers, egaming companies and general sporting fans. It appeals to people who love a niche, who are happy to see something finally gain deserved recognition and is without a doubt a key investment for anyone staying in the loop and findings from Nielsen and other research groups is just perpetuating this exciting truth and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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