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DingitTV spent a winters week in Vienna, meeting some of the homegrown eSport teams, community organisers and overloading in schnitzel!


Most people associated Vienna with strudel, lovely winter markets, glitz and that song that said the capital city’s name repeatedly, by Ultravox.


It’s also home to a passionate society of gaming enthusiasts and eSport players, ranking from amateur to professional and from our time there meeting das beste, we’ve gotten a strong understanding of what is happening in Austrian eSports and what the dedicated communities there want to happen going forward.

When it comes to viewing parties and community congregation for Austrian eSport fans and those form further afield living in the beautiful city of Vienna, Barcraft Austria has always been a priority go-to for events, in many countries, but nowadays it’s becoming more of a niche.


Alexander Szymanczyk is the coach for Penta Sport and their CS:GO team. Chatting to him provided great insight to the side of professional eSport team, including the achievements and hurdles that comes from climbing the ranks and getting due recognition in such an ever growing, heaving industry that is eSports.


We also got to check out the place to enjoy gaming themed drinks, play and watch top eSport games and get involved with the community. That place was Respawn Bar. Upon entering there’s a very chilled and thankfully cosy given the arctic winds outside, atmosphere. Two storeys high with multiple areas on both levels to get comfy and watch major and amateur tournaments on screens or partake solo or with a team at the PC hubs within.

Checking out what might be see as an underdog community within the European eSport landscape was quite refreshing, as it’s a reminder of where a lot of talent comes from, via passion, community endeavours and also giving teams and talented individuals a chance. eSport is a vast beat these days and seeing this side, a side that’s gaining more and more strength and being renowned, is a something that should be supported. Vienna provided us with insights, fun gaming experiences and great hospitality, which should be a golden rule in the eSport industry all around the world.


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