Epsilon, Orbit, Splyce and Team Infused will be at World League Las Vegas Open
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What was a USA limited Call of Duty eSport tournament based in Las Vegas, has now opened is arms to European teams. The 4 that will be competing are some of the best the continent has to offer and they feature UK players. The winning team of the event will net a nice prizel pool of $100,000 prize pool.


The Call of Duty World League site made a statement elaborating on their change of team inclusion – “While we hope everyone is excited about an even more competitive landscape to kick off the CWL, because of the change from a North America only event to including international teams by invitation to compete, teams who have already purchased a team pass have the opportunity to withdraw from this event and receive a team pass for a future MLG CWL open event taking place in the United States within the next 12 months.


It’s always great to let more teams into events, not just to broaden their own awareness and skills, but to allow communities to mingle and check out how things are done in different parts of the world.


We have some additional information, from their press release, on the competition and not just ones limited to the professionals.


The new CWL season will feature a series of 4 LAN-based competitions as well as an all-new, worldwide LAN league for Pros. Players across the board will be able to earn CWL Pro Points through the season to lead to qualification for the CWL Championship in August. Further information is below:

  • 4 Massive Open LANs for CWL Pro Points
    • Las Vegas – December 16 – 18
    • Atlanta – February 10 -12
    • Anaheim – June 16 – 18
    • More details on the 4th event to come
  • New Pro LAN League
    • 16 Teams including 9 North American and 7 International
    • Begins in April
    • Columbus Arena, Columbus, Ohio
    • Teams will qualify based on CWL Pro Points earned at LANs as well as online via GameBattles
  • CWL Championship will return in 2017
    • 32 teams from around the globe
    • Teams will be able to earn CWL Pro Points at LANs and online via GameBattles beginning on Dec. 7.
    • Final Call of Duty Championship qualifiers will be played on LAN in the U.S., Europe and APAC
  • Online competitions in GameBattles for CWL Pro Points in all eligible regions beginning on Dec. 7.
  • The qualification process for the first regional competition in Las Vegas can be found here. The online qualification tournament for the CWL Las Vegas open will be held on December 10.

In addition to the global North American competitions, fans in Europe and APAC will have the chance to compete in regional LANs. More details around EU and APAC LANs will be coming soon.

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