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D!NGIT utilizes Octoshape Infinite HD technologies to achieve high quality video, scale and global reach

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London, 14.11.2014 – D!ngIt, the brand new video game broadcast and eSports platform, has partnered with Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based, over-the-top (OTT) stream acceleration and contribution technologies for broadcasters. Servicing the largest sporting, news and OTT IPTV services, Octoshape has experience with some of the largest media brands globally.

These global broadcasters use Octoshape’s Infinite HD player to increase video quality over the Internet. Infinite HD relies on Octoshape’s suite of advanced stream acceleration technologies to achieve higher quality experiences than traditional streaming systems. By combining the Octoshape Infinite HD technology with D!ngIt’s own easy-to-use broadcast app, individual game streamers are enabled to effortlessly broadcast their content in the highest quality to audiences globally, regardless of the speed of their broadband connection.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Octoshape,” says Rachel Parker, Marketing Manager at D!ngIt, “It enables us to honour our commitment to user quality and scale the service to massive audience sizes. It’s like putting our broadcasters video in the Internet fast lane, and allows us to grow our service without the historical traffic jams associated with large audiences. Their Infinite HD player also has a great track record with consumers, as they’ve had so much experience with huge events like the World Cup and the Royal Wedding.”

The Octoshape Infinite HD enhancement is installed in over 130 million media players and has been certified 100% safe and secure.

For more information, you can visit Octoshape’s website here: http://www.octoshape.com/

For more information on D!ngIt, please visit www.dingit.tv

About D!ngIt

DingIt is a live streaming broadcast site for professional and aspiring gamers. Our patented keyboard simulation, Click Pro, shows actual button actions of the gamer in real time, giving the fan an unprecedented level of visibility into how the best gamers play. Our new broadcast app supports the highest resolution and bit rates of any live streaming site on the web, with minimal skips, sync errors or delays. DingIt provides an environment for viewers to become better gamers, and for gamers to earn real income while they are building a fan base.

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