by Dingit.tv - November 24, 2014 in

asl sponsor dingit

We have some awesome news to share with you! We’ve partnered with ASL! – The Ascended StarCraft League! It’s our next big step in our ambition to support all levels of esports, from noobs just experiencing their first ever game, to the big boys and gals who’ve been playing competitively for years! And of course, we still provide top quality support and offer state of the art proprietary technology to ensure the best viewing experience possible.

To make matters even more exciting, starting today, November 24th, at 2pm PST, you can watch these super players go head to head in the Round of 32, Group A, hosted and sponsored by DingIt, on ASL’s DingIt broadcasting channel!

ASL, one of the biggest, newest, and best esports leagues around, boasts an incredible prize fund of £3500 for the Prime Challenge League, which pits 32 elite players against one another. You can find out more here and view the complete tournament schedule here!

We hope you come on over and support DingIt, ASL, and lots of our other broadcasters, too!

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