Dingit.tv presents: 5 weird tales in gaming
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There’s nothing quite like diving into the lore of video games and coming across some creepy stories and urban legends. We take a look at 5 odd gaming related tales that have spread across the internet. Are they true or just creepypasta fodder? Judge for yourself.

1) Polybius

We’ll kick things off with an infamously nefarious gaming tale, that of the Polybius arcade game. Apparently, an arcade in Portland, Oregon came into possession of a ominous machine called Polybius. It played out as a top-down vector shooter, with a simple task of eliminating all of the enemies from the screen. Nothing too bizarre so far, right?

But when people started to play the game, after a period of time, they began to all display the same symptoms of nausea, anxiety, sweats and other extreme psychological issues. When it comes to the origins of the game, it was claimed that records exist of the U.S. military contacting Atari to develop a game to train people for combat. The training programme became what was known as  “Polybius” and to this day there have been no indications of who developed the game and it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. .

The Angry Video Game Nerd recently posted a Halloween special of his series, which focused on the stories of Polybius. Things take a strange turn when he comes across a supposed arcade version in a warehouse…

2) Ben Drowned

We could leave things at just that gif, but lets explain what the tale of Ben Drowned is. At this point there is a very well known gaming urban legend about a haunted copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

This version of the game on its own is very disturbing and utterly depressing, set in a world very unlike that of Zelda and Links. There is an unshakable feeling of hopelessness. But while that alone should be enough to warrant entry on this list, things take a much darker turn when an anonymous user plays this copy and explains what he encountered.

The player found an innocuous copy of Majora’s Mask for the N64 at a market. He gave it a go and when prompted, entered the menu screen and saw a solitary save file with the name “BEN”. Ignoring this, he created a new save file, but still the in-game characters continued to refer to him as “BEN”. What followed took him, through a nightmarish version of the world of Majora’s Mask. The music was strange and distorted music. He then deleted the “BEN” save file, but this caused characters to not refer to his name at all. No matter what he attempted the game got creepier and it’s taught us not to trust unmarked copies of games and possibly people called Ben. Sorry Ben’s of the world.

3) Herobrine

The ghost of Minecraft aka Herobrine. It began as a forum post where a  player had seen a copy of the famous default character, but with no eyes. As the player tried approaching this character, the figure would turn into the fog and disappear. Man-made structures were reported to have been randomly appearing in his world and then other people started to witness the same bizarre scenes.

After the original spotters first post, he reported being contacted by a user called Herobrine, who only said the word “STOP.” Even the great and powerful Notch, has address this spooky tale, stating that Herobrine does not exist. But the story didn’t end there, because then came the Minecraft Beta 1.6.6 update, when included in the list of patch notes was an item reading “-removed Herobrine.” Too spooky for us!

4) The Ratman

The Grand Theft Auto series is no strange to including interesting and fun easter eggs, including drawing from urban legends to give characters something to hunt for. One example is Bigfoot popping up in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But a somewhat creepier appearance in the series comes with Grand Theft Auto IV and the shady Ratman. So far any captures of this character have not been very clear, with intense pixel action blurring their features. But what adds credibility is that many people who have played the game have witnessed this figure in the subway tunnels.

You can hear a not so friendly voice, shouting, “Get out” and sound clips from pedestrians and radio shows that mention a rat problem in the subways and mutations caused by a chemical leak at an abandoned factory. While there’s still not been any clear proof that such a character is hiding in the tunnels, there’s enough there to make people continue hunting for more clues.

5) Luigi is dead

This one is a bit heartbreaking to talk about, especially if it’s true, but thankfully opinion is divided. In Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube, there’s a morbid scene where Luigi answers a phone and there’s a quick lightning strike. What you see illuminated by this strike causes shivers and also causes this urban legend to come alive. The shadow that shows in the flash, depicts Luigi hanging from the ceiling. This has caused speculation amongst gamers about whether, in this game at least, Luigi is actually dead and a ghost himself? We would hope that Nintendo wouldn’t ever include something so dark in a game but then again those Super Mario Galaxy 2 Shadow People….

Have you come across any of the spooky gaming tales from above, while you’ve been playing said games? Have you heard of even scarier tales that you aren’t sure are true or false? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter and Facebook.

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