Dingit.tv Head Sponsor Indie Mega Arena at Gamescom
by Dingit.tv - October 12, 2017 in

Nearly every video game fan knows that Gamescom is one of the biggest events in the gaming calendar. Every August,  Cologne becomes the home of excited gaming fans and the creators of their most beloved titles, from the AAA to Indie market.

It’s also a great event to attend to meet fellow fans and learn more about exciting technology and innovative releases coming down the line. It’s usually scorching hot in Germany during that month, so without a doubt the best of times happens at Gamescom!


This year is extremely thrilling for the team here at Dingit.tv as we will be Head Sponsors of the Indie Mega Arena which boasts one of the largest spaces at the entire convention. This is a very important partnership for us. It allows us to showcase what we do best and our passions for the gaming industry. We’re also able to support the gaming community, which means a great deal to the entire team at Dingit.

We also will be supporting indie titles that are hoping to gain major traction at Gamescom. We will be running tournaments and helping them get the promotion that they deserve. You will be able to see highlights from Gamescom and the gaming titles we’re giving a boost to, on our portal, that will go live closer to the event.


We’re super excited to welcome Dingit.TV as our GOLD Sponsor this year! Their tools and services give our devs the much needed attention for their awesome game projects. A perfect match!” – Wolf Lang Co-Organizer Indie Arena Booth


While Dingit.tv is known primarily as the home of premium highlight content and we host some of the world’s most popular and skilled eSport teams, we’re extremely enthusiastic about supporting the gaming community as a whole, be it eSport or non eSport events. Gamescom is going to be a very special event for us, because it will allow us to connect with gamers from all over the world and to give them more insight about us. We’re looking forward to learning about what you love about gaming and how we can help improve your content viewing experiences.

As we grow ever closer to the actual event in August, please stay tuned to our blogs and social media to find out more details and be sure to let us know if you’re attending Gamescom as we love to meet all our viewers and fans and make some new friends as well! Thanks for your support and see you soon at Gamescom, Cologne!

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