Dingit.tv and One Special Day
by Dingit.tv - October 2, 2017 in

One Special Day is an amazing event that occurred on the 29th of September and saw a unification of the gaming industry in order to support Special Effect and its members. Charity donations, fundraisers, great prizes and activities provided by leading gaming companies and more were part of the efforts to hit a £100k goal and spread awareness for this amazing charity and the people they support.

Dingit has been involved heavily with Special Effect and are always striving to find ways to support them. For One Special Day, as Head Sponsors of Gamerbake we were able to help out by allowing geeky gaming cakes to be created and shared with fans and sugarlovers. Confident cake bakers were tasked with designing something tasty that represented a video game that had significant meaning to them. Thank you to Gamerbake’s Chris and George and to Ukie for providing the venue for the event and to all those that turned out!


Congrats to the winner MazHem for their awesome Team Fortress 2 inspired cake-sterpiece!

More photos from the event!

One Special Day

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