DingIt Pro Keyboard Button Simulation Explained
by Dingit.tv - October 14, 2016 in
league of legends gameplay

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You will see a lot of mention on D!ngIt about our unique (patented, in fact) Keyboard Button Simulation feature.

How does it work?

The D!ngIt Pro Broadcast App that our Partners use to capture and stream their game play will automatically record and replay all of their button play, in sequence, during the live stream. In other words: while you are watching a broadcaster play your favorite games on D!ngIt, you will also be able to see, in real time, exactly what that gamer is doing on the keyboard and with his mouse during game play. If you notice in the illustration, this includes numeric combos for certain keys, how many times that key was selected, and the order of keys used.

What is this for?

In short, we want viewers to use the Keyboard Button Simulation plugin to answer a very simple question: “How did he/she DO that?” Isn’t that something all of us really want to know, so we can give that a try ourselves?

During our beta, viewers will see Button Simulation automatically. Non beta participants will have to pay a single download fee for the plugin when the beta launch is completed.

How do I learn more?

The best way to learn more about our button simulation is simply, during our beta, to watch any of our gaming broadcasts.

If you are having any issues with loading our player or viewing our Button Simulation, you can let our support team know right away.

Thanks for playing!

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