Dingit hits up MCM Expo London Comic Con
by Dingit.tv - October 28, 2016 in

MCM Expo London Comic Con happened this weekend and the DingIt TV team where there to soak in all that geeky goodness. We had a surprisingly lovely sunny day for the most part and a lot of ground to cover. Spanning the entire weekend, there were even more merchandise and snack shops, a host of pretty impressive celebrity guests and a lot of amazing cosplay, from the high tech specialist costumes to the homemade with love variety.

A nice addition to the convention is a more prominent eSport presence. The ESL UK team were there for the duration of the event, as were CSGO, League of Legends and Overwatch finalists, featuring the amazing home grown in the UK team, MnMGamingUK . ESL also had their own shop their so eSport fans could grab a bunch of goodies to take home with them. Congratulations to them, as today they became the 2016 ESL UK Premiership Summer Season CS:GO Champions!


Special guests included Whedon fan favourite Enver Gjokaj, Violett Beane who’s not appearing as Jessie Quick in the Flash and the wonderful, versatile, gaming voice actor king, Nolan North! The convention wraps up on the 30th, which is this Sunday, so if you can grab a ticket it’s worth popping down for the day.


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