DingIt Broadcast App Update: Essential New Features!
by Dingit.tv - October 24, 2016 in

As part of our on-going work here at DingIt TV, we have just launched our latest update to the Broadcaster Application. It’s packed with a whole bunch of new features, stability improvements and requests from the community to help make going live even easier and giving you the tools you need to make a career from live streaming!

Some of the key additions in this version:

  1. Sound levels – You now have sound levels under sound and mic in the broadcast app so you know which is louder and requires volume adjustment
  2. ClickPro Hotkey – There is now a hotkey option so you can activate and de-activate ClickPro with a keybind.
  3. Windows Volume Mixer – Dingit was lowering the volume of the other windows programs on start-up, this has now been fixed.
  4. Sound & Microphone controls – These two volume sliders have now been fixed and will adjust the volume correctly in real time.
  5. Sound & Settings – Fixed a bug where, when volume is adjusted in DingIt and then you go to settings, the volume reverts back to old level.
  6. Webcam Capture – We fixed issues where FPS was low when adding it in Sources
  7. XSplit Integration redesign – We have changed the way you work with XSplit integration. Instead of having an XSplit button, we’ll have XSplit SCENE (predefined, so when you first install the app you have two scenes: ‘Main Scene’ and ‘XSplit Scene’. We also have an XSplit Scene in the dropdown menu when you click ‘add scene’. This should give you more control and more choice with your scenes & sources setup.
  8. Chat Window – Every time you open the Chat window in the broadcast app, it will always load the last line.
  9. Chat History – When you load the Chat window, it will only load the 50 most recent messages (this will stop any long loading times when opening the Chat window).

We are always happy to get your feedback on the new app, either regarding any bugs or things you would like to see in the next version. If you have some great ideas, email them to: support@dingit.tv.

Also please feel free to join us on our own Teamspeak channel at: uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10064

You can speak to our staff in case you are having issues or join in with the communities and organise some games and streams together! Hope to see you there!

Don’t forget that we are still running our Broadcaster Rewards program, so make sure to check out if you are eligible for a cash bonus.

Looking forward to seeing all the great things you can do with the new app!


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