Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris expansion offers new gear!
by - December 6, 2017 in

The much anticipated Destiny 2 expansion dropped and that means new shiny goodies to supe up your character and make you a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Check out some of our favorite weapon and armor additions below.

Khepri’s Horn

  • Solar damage kills by recharging your barricade

The Helm of Saint-14

  • Ward of Dawn has ability to blind enemies.

Graviton Forfeit

  • Increases the duration of all of your hunter’s invisibility skills.
  • Melee skills also recharge faster while invisible.

Aeon Safe

  • Titan gauntlets gives big buffs to nearby ‘Aeon Cult’ allies.


Ophidian Aspect

  • Increases speed on weapon ready and reload times while extending range.

The Vesper of Radius

  • Warlock chest piece makes Rifts release an arc shockwave when they’re cast
  • Vicinity of teammates makes Rift abilities recharge faster.

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 New Ghosts are also included, with the following really standing out (we do like red)

The Fast Lane Shell 

  • makes sparrows summon faster, and takes the time to reload your weapons


There’s also an update patch would was released as part of the Osiris expansion, dubbed Update 1.1.0 which includes PS4 Pro and Xbox One X HDR support, with PS4 Pro obtaining dynamic 4K resolution and Xbox One X boosted with native 4K. The patch also affects balance and fixes bugs. We’re excited to try out all these shiny new additions to the Destiny 2 world!
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