Crossfire coming to the IEM Expo
by - February 6, 2017 in

One of the most popular eSports games in the world, is one that oddly a lot of people in the west have not heard much about and that’s Crossfire by Smilegate Entertainment who are based in Korea.  It is winning the ranks of highest earning First Person Shooter, several years in a row now and it’s fanbase is vast, expanding from a whopping 4 million to 8 millions, based on stats from 2016 and the players are extremely dedicated.


The reason behind the success of Crossfire’s is based on simple mechanics, allowing gamers who don’t have high end computers and super fast internet to play the game with no difficulty.

Given such a large following and consecutive figures, ESL is looking to team up with the Crossfire crew:


“Crossfire boasts a phenomenal player base, having recorded peaks of 4 million concurrent users in 2012 and 8 million concurrent across 80 countries in 2016.

“Considering CROSSFIRE’s potential as a global esports title, we decided to continuously cooperate with Smilegate to develop its esports ecosystem.”


Crossfire is set to enter Katowice, debuting at the invitational held at IEM on Mar. 4. Smilegate’s esports manager Brady Yeo declared:

We are truly excited to team up with ESL once again after last year’s tournament in Manila. Expanding CROSSFIRE’s global coverage is essential for the growth of CROSSFIRE and we rest assured that ESL will be the right partner.”

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