Community Interview: Team Dingit – Marko
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Join us for a new series where we get to know the squad behind in a fun interview segment. This time we’re talking to our Media Partnership Manager, Marko Pavuna, about what he does, the games he loves and his own venture into the esport world!

1) Tell us a little about your role with Level Up Media?

Hey there ! I’m a Media Partnership Manager and am one of the people responsible for recruiting top new content creators and teams with inspiring highlights. I have been in the company since end of 2016.

2) What is it about the world of esports that you enjoy the most?

I love to see the skill gap between us casual gamers and pros. I have always been a passionate gamer myself (Counter-strike, World of Warcraft, OW etc…) and really enjoy seeing the whole scene unravel this way, getting more and more exposure. Also, it is always a pleasure to see pro players play your favorite game on big stages and think that this could have been just people sitting in a dark warehouse years ago 


3) Are there any gaming titles at the moment, that you believe could work competitively?

I would love to see more hype about Mario Kart or other racing games like Forza, but one is too random and the other should get there eventually.

4) Can you remember the first game you played with friends or people online?

As far as I can remember it was “Kingpin: Life of Crime” but that was just before starting to play Counter-Strike 1.5!


5) What are your top 3 highlights from 2017?

As a huge NA League of Legend follower, I loved Immortal’s tribute to ReignOver, one of my favorite jungler (seen below)


Most recently I’ve discovered StylesX2 for Super Smash Bros and his “Salty” uplifting highlights. They quickly made it into my top3. 

I really love Rogue’s very dynamic editing and enjoyed a lot their H1Z1 lineup announcement highlight reel. Groovy. 


6) Tell us more about your team Limitless?

Before joining Level Up Media, I was head of communication of a tier 2 French CSGO team called “Platinium eSports”. After ending that beautiful adventure and joining England I felt something was missing. I started a side project with my spare time by building a new Team based around an African roster. With my senior knowledge and a few investments we made it to top 3 at ESL Africa and top 1 North Africa. Funny enough we’ve successfully recruited an additional French roster 6 months after and they already qualified for WESG Barcelona EU finals. We are now an international team!

7) How do you like and your team like to celebrate whenever you’ve won a match/tournament?

Since most of my African players, we did a huge party with all sorts of meals and also a huge safari to celebrate the end of the tournament!

8) What is your gaming Christmas wish?

I want a Nintendo Switch with Mario Odyssey and additional spare time to actually play it!


9) Why should people follow and in the new year?

With all of our top tier partner teams, esports production companies and content creators, our websites cover most of the new game releases hype and also latest biggest esports tournaments in the world. Our content, ranging from action packed moments to more fun and quick casual gaming highlights, can really make any viewer happy.

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