Cloud9 raises $25m in funding
by - October 24, 2017 in

Cloud9 has successfully accumulated $25m in funding, through its recent Series A financing round. The team was founded in 2013, and includes players specializing in a plethora of popular esports titles such as, Overwatch, CS:GO, PUBG, League of Legends and Rocket League.

We just thought that Cloud9 team had developed lots of expertise and we’re just really, really impressed with Jack Etienne, and the rest of the staff; how professional they were, how organised and how much infrastructure they had built for a small organisation.


This will obviously impact Cloud9’s board member roster and allow the team to continue competing across the globe, but primarily focusing on the top tier events in North America. Cloud9 owner Jack Etienne said in a statement:

We will now invest in expanding across leagues, outfitting our training facilities and housing, and taking the entire organization to the next level,” 

This is another amazing statement of support for the esport world and we look forward to seeing what affect these changes and boosts from major world brands have. We also hope that we continue to see an influx of support for the mid tier and starter esport teams, that are growing every period and allowing talent gaming enthusiasts of all ages, fulfill their dreams.


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