Broadcasting Best Practices
by - October 14, 2016 in

We wanted to put together some guidelines for you and our new Partners to help you become as successful as possible as a D!ngIt Partner.

How will my existing fans find me?

As you build out your D!ngIt channel, you will of course want your fans to check out your new broadcasts. Of course, we recommend that you use the internal messaging system of your other broadcast accounts (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) to let fans know. You may also want to consider the following:

Contact Your Fans Directly Via Social Media

Yes, you can announce your new channel on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But there’s nothing like a personal message to a fan from their favorite gamer with a personalized invite from you. Asking them to retweet may even get you some new fans.

Announce Your New Channel During your Other Broadcasts

Fans have short attention spans and, let’s face it, who reads anything? We recommend that you make a short announcement video letting fans know that you’ve got a new channel on D! that offers some pretty cool features, better streaming and, of course, our Button Simulation. They may not read it, but if they have eyes, they’ll at least see it. Eventually, if you keep up the video announcements, everyone will know where to find you.

Stay Persistent with the Social Media Updates

One or two updates probably isn’t enough. Keep the updates going on a regular basis to make sure that all your fans know you’ve got a new show.

Have Other Broadcasters Announce your New Channel

One way that all partners can be successful is by supporting each other. Know a Broadcaster that has a lot of followers that you’ve supported in the past? It doesn’t hurt to ask for a shout out.


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