Borderlands 3 is coming?
by - September 4, 2017 in

Look, just calm down before you read any further. Just breathe. Ok…Borderlands 3 might be coming, maybe definitely, probably.

We all have been expecting a Borderlands 3 and to be fair our hopes have not been thwarted officially. It was said to be a focus for Gearbox once Battleborn was wrapped up. But it seems Randy Pitchford has, with the subtlety of Donkey Kong, let it slip that it’s very likely 90% of Gearbox are working on a new game, that is and we’re quoting him here “most of you guys want us to be working on”.

That’s all the news that is available, but it’s oddly telling despite how brief it is. Are you excited about this series or are you more interested in Telltale creating an additional installment of the planetary looting, tootin’ video game series?



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