BlizzCon WCS Semi Finalists
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After a long day, or night for the European viewers, the first day of BlizzCon comes to an end. Watching battles and in-game interviews, while fighting against lag, we now know who our final four are. We started the day with eight of the best StarCraft players in the business, and slowly whittled it down until only the strongest survived. This leaves it all to play for going into the last day of WCS in the 2014 season. Here are your last men standing…


  • Team Acer MMA [T]


[MMA at DreamHack Open: Bucharest 2013 – Credit Helena Kristiansson/]

Though MMA certainly wasn’t the underdog going into his match against Bomber, not many people expected the sheer dominance he displayed today. Bomber was not having a bad day, he didn’t make major or critical mistakes – MMA was just so on point that it’s hard to see how he could’ve lost the series at all. With it all ending 3-1 in favour of Team Acer’s MMA, there’s a lot of speculation that we may have seen our Champion crowned already.


  • SK Telecom T1 Classic [P]


[Classic – Credit GOMTV]

In our only PvP of the day, we also saw the only five game series as well. It definitely was an even match up, with many of the games swinging in between both Classic and CJ herO, but eventually the ChinToss reigned true.

Semi Final 1: Team Acer MMA [T] vs. SK Telecom T1 Classic [P]

This is certainly going to be an interesting series as the two have never played each other in an offline tournament before. Looking at their general gameplay, Classic should technically be better off – an overall win rate of 65% against Terran versus MMA’s 62.82% against Protoss. That isn’t, however, a large enough margin to call the game said and done just yet though. MMA has had some ups and downs throughout the year but he’s been playing on form recently, taking home the latest WCS EU title, whereas Classic’s last title was in Season 2. Our money will be on MMA for this game due his spectacular performance through these Global Finals so far, but no one can ever count Classic out until the fat lady sings.


  • StarTale Life [Z]


[Life at MLG Winter Championship 2013 – Credit Kevin ‘Silverfire’ Chang/Team Liquid]

The last remaining Zerg of the tournament is remaining still, showing an effortless victory against San, finishing him off in merely three games. San, who only last week 3-0’d jjakji to secure his place in the Round of 8, couldn’t find a way to break The Ling King. Life, not one known for his ZvP, has definitely turned a few heads going into his next series, especially as he is known for his ZvT.


  • Team Liquid Taeja [T]


[Taeja at DreamHack Open: Bucharest 2013 – Credit Helena Kristiansson/]

The final game of the night was not only a battlefield onscreen but also behind the scenes. Plagued with lag, broken streams, and even keyboards, this series took an exceptionally long time to finish. It was one hundred percent worth the wait though, as we saw some of the most intense TvT we’ve seen all year. No one could count INnoVation out, as you never can, but Taeja has beaten INnoVation eight out of the twelve times they’ve met in the past. Those figures speak for themselves, and today it showed.

Semi Final 2: StarTale Life [Z] vs. Team Liquid Taeja [T]

This is a rivalry that goes way, way back to Wings of Liberty. These two have met a total of fourteen times! Playing a massive thirty seven maps overall. But this is where things start to get one sided – twenty five of those maps have gone to Taeja and eleven of those wins to him as well. That is not just winning, that is demolishing. Especially when you consider the fact he’s won every single match they’ve competed in since 2012. The numbers speak for themselves, but can Life find it in himself to break this streak? His performance so far this week has been worthy of that hope, and we’ll find that out on Saturday.

Summing up what we’ve seen so far is hard to do without just linking you to the VoD and telling you it’s best to watch it for yourself. But one step better than that would be tuning into the Grand Finals on Saturday the 8th of November to see who will win the crown that has been so hotly contested. It doesn’t end there though, with Legacy of the Void being announced and multiplayer balance changes being scrutinised now they’ve been made public, there’s a lot to talk about. So Follow us @DingItTV and hear what we have to say about the matter as we Live Tweet throughout the day.

Jonathan ‘Tubbzie’ Tubb

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