BlizzCon Finalists 3-1
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BlizzCon Finalists 3-1

Here’s our roundup of the top 3 finalists heading into BlizzCon!

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  • KT Rolster Zest [P]


The highest placing GSL contestant, by seven spots on the global standings, KT Rolster’s Zest also stands as the highest ranked Protoss in the world going into BlizzCon 2014. Over the year he’s accomplished a lot: GSL Season 1 Champion, GSL Global Champion and winner of the KeSPA Cup. Not to mention the fact that he finished third in GSL Season 3 not too long ago, losing 3-4 to soO.

Outside of the GSL he’s been a strong performer in Pro League, all-killing SK Telecom T1 in February of this year. Even proving his worth in the foreign scene taking second at IEM Toronto a few short months ago. If he can beat Life he should go far in this tournament based on his history of taking down top Koreans – beating both INnoVation and Stork in the group stages of GSL Code A in Season 1 this year, but Life has beaten him twice out of the three times they’ve played each other in the past. At the end of the day, who knows, maybe Tastosis casting the Round of 16 will bring him the good luck he’s had in Korea so far this year.

  • Team ROCCAT HyuN [Z]


The man who held the number one spot for most of the year, HyuN was the expected first seed into BlizzCon up until Bomber stole the spot away from him only a month before the Global Finals. Competing in over thirteen tournaments this year alone, he stands as one of the most well-travelled players in the StarCraft II roster right now.

Though some would attribute his placement in the rankings down to the sheer volume of events he’s attended in 2014, you can’t belittle the achievements he’s accumulated over that time. Finishing in the top three of every single WCS AM Season this year, winning Season 1. This Brood War veteran has one of the highest average win rates of 67.05%, with an incredibly consistent percentage across all match ups – only a 1.35% variance amongst ZvT, ZvZ and ZvP. He has a lot to prove and a lot of eyes will be watching the man who dominated the leaderboards all year long.

  • Red Bull Bomber [T]


One of the best things to happen, it would appear, to the Terror Terran Bomber is his choice to leave StarTale and sign for Red Bull at the beginning of this year. Though it took him a few months to find his feet, he took the Red Bull circuit by storm claiming both Atlanta and the Finals in Washington. A few weeks after that he’d go on to take the WCS AM Season 3 title and set himself up for the first spot in the WCS Global Standings going into BlizzCon. Considering last year he managed to fight his way through to the Semi Finals of BlizzCon, there’s a lot of expectations on his shoulders.

However to get there he’ll have to get through Jaedong first, and though things look favourable for him with an 11-6 map aggregate against the Zerg, Jaedong will certainly come out all guns blazing after last years defeat in the Grand Finals. The two have met together in the Anaheim Convention Centre before at MLG Anaheim in June this year, where Bomber came off 2-1 for the better. But TvZ is Bomber’s worst match up so maybe there is hope, as a lot of the crowd will be on the side of the Tyrant.

Our Pick: Red Bull Bomber [T]

Jaedong has become a crowd favourite, however it’s safe to say a lot of that has to do with the fact he has not won a single WCS tournament in his entire career, but has placed within the top three at four WCS events in just over a year. We were only one series away from seeing this very same match between these two in the Grand Finals of BlizzCon last year, and a lot has changed since then.

When Bomber has been on form he’s dominated entire tournaments, especially Red Bull events. (Excluding the match against Polt where he lost his entire army loaded into Medivacs, due to not paying attention to the minimap). He’s won eight out of his last nine matches going into the Finals so he’s definitely on form in recent months. His win rate against Terran and Protoss is 63.37% and with only one Zerg in the tournament, that adds up to a very high chance of the number one seed retaining his position at the end of next week, at BlizzCon.


Jonathan ‘Tubbzie’ Tubb


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