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Here’s our round-up of BlizzCon Finalists! Read on to find out more about each finalist, their current performance, their past performances, and their prospects as BlizzCon finalists!

11.  jjakji

The first of our Korean players to qualify from Europe, mYinsanity’s jjakji has shown a pretty solid performance all year; getting to the Quarter Finals of the 2014’s first WCS EU season as well as more recently placing 2nd at DreamHack Moscow a little over a month ago. The beginning of the year proved more promising for him, finishing in the top 4 of 4 major tournaments before May. However, his placement at DreamHack being his only recent notable point of interest casts doubt on how far he’ll go through these finals.


10. soO

Another story of 2nd place leaves us with soO, the GSL 2nd place Champion of all 3 seasons this year. Twice losing to Zest and once to INnoVation, which not only means he still played incredibly well each season, but he’ll have something to prove going into these Finals.

Having never won a WCS championship, it would be a massive achievement to win a Global Finals title, and judging by how much he’s grown over the last year, you can’t put it far past him. Misfortune appears to be on his side once again however, as his first match is against the Terror Terran Taeja, who will look to be Taeja-clapping his way past this GSL hopeful, and catapulting himself into this year’s victory books.


9. MMA

Team Acer’s MMA is one of the longest-running, consistent players in the StarCraft II scene to date. With wins running all the way back to MLGs in 2011, and still winning regularly today, you have to admit – he’s damn good! One of the top picks for the Global Finals last year, he’s set himself up well once more, winning the 3rd season of WCS EU, 2 years running. He’s one of the few contenders who has multiple WCS titles under their belts, but when you pair that with Iron Squids, IEM’s, and GSL’s, don’t be surprised to see him go all the way.

Taking home a whopping $291,383 in total prize money, he’ll have his eyes set on extending that figure with the $100,000 being offered in just a week’s time. Since joining Team Acer in November 2012, he’s dragged himself out of a bit of a slump and has come back hitting hard in tournaments. Though only placing 9th in the global standings, he’s one to watch and his 1st game against StarDust is going to be one of the best explosions to set off this year’s BlizzCon.


8. StarDust

As I mentioned above, StarDust faces MMA next, and that is going to be one awesome match! It’s sad to see, however, that this match, with players of this caliber, is occurring in round 16 and not the Grand Finals. Having said that – it definitely proves that this year’s BlizzCon is full of surprises and if definitely one to watch!

In many ways, MMA and StarDust are polar opposites coming in to this; StarDust has very few championships to his name, despite his high placement in the rankings. Aside from a WCS EU championship, there hasn’t been much to write home about in terms of silverware. Earning less than half of MMA’s total prize money himself, this championship will mean even more to our Korean Protoss.

This doesn’t mean he’s a write-off though. Out of the 3 times these 2 players have met each other, StarDust has taken home the bacon twice, meaning in direct combat he should come off more favorably. But this is BlizzCon, and this is StarCraft II, and it is MMA. Anything can happen, and at the Anaheim Convention Centre this November, it probably will.

Photo by Brita Jonsson

Our Pick: MMA

Okay, there may have been a little bias in this decision. But it’s MMA! Who can’t love MMA? That cheeky little smile. That Terran destruction. Happiness in Korean form. But to leave the gushing to one side for the moment, he’s shown consistent play, consistently throughout his career. But also being a realist, with TvT being his worst match up, he could potentially have to take down the likes of Taeja and Polt. So who knows who will come out on top? All we know is we’re excited to stand back and watch the fireworks.

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