Big Overwatch Update!
by - October 30, 2017 in

Listen up Overwatch fans, there’s some really interesting features coming courtesy of a Developer Update supplied by director Jeff Kaplan. These updates will primarily benefit esport fans who love watching one of their favorite games be played around the world. These features include:

  • Team uniforms/colour palettes
  • Top-down interactive maps
  • Third-person smart cameras
  • Kill feed replays
  • An automated tournament interface
  • Auto-pauses for disconnections

Kaplan stated: “We’ve introduced a third-person smart camera that automatically follows the action and ‘smooth out’ the camera so it’s not as jerky as a human controlling the camera”.

These updates will be noticeable come the Overwatch World Cup event that’s occurring at BlizzCon, this year. We’ll already be watching because our partners Psistorm and Splyce are participating, but this has definitely increased our intrigued.


Blizzard also recently announced the team names and colors for the sides taking part in the Overwatch World Cup, which will sport our partners, Immortals squad, Los Angeles Valiant (Immortals).

Another statement included said: “The Overwatch World Cup will be a major milestone on the road to improving the team-based shooter’s spectator experience, and there are plenty more improvements still to come“. You can watch the update trailer below and be sure to follow for all the latest highlights from your favorite esport teams and events!

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