Asteroids Revamped – A New Take on the Retro Classic!
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Can you remember all the way back to 1979?!? Where were you when you first played Asteroids? Not quite that old? Or perhaps you didn’t get into gaming until later in life. Well, if you played in ’79 or didn’t get acquainted with the awesomeness until it gained cult status in the 90’s or 00’s, you’ll most likely agree that this game is a retro classic. It is considered one of Atari’s signature releases and remains massively popular across the globe. A really simple design with increasingly challenging levels.


Admittedly, given our touch screen, HD world, the original leaves a lot to be desired, but in ’79 it was amazing. Since then, the game has been revamped, given more color, HD graphics, different play styles etc – but the heart of the game remained the same.


Well, Atari decided to completely revolutionize the game. The upcoming release – Asteroids: Outpost – is something entirely new. It’s set to be an open world sandbox survival game. You grow your outer space mining base, gathering money, supplies, weaponry, and tech. You can form alliances with your friends, defend yourself against those who want to jump your claim, and jump the claims of your enemies. You’ll be faced with a daily struggle to survive as you attempt to extract the treasures from the asteroids, facing threats from other players, as well as disasters such asteroid storms.

asteroids outpost

It’s a little like an outer space Wild West, with futuristic weaponry and tech thrown in. Stake your claim. Build yourself an intergalactic mining empire.

asteroids outpost 4

But don’t worry – you can still blast asteroids in this all-new game. Atari have left plenty of aspects of the original game and have essentially built a whole new game and world around the original. So, it’ll appeal to fans of the original as well as a whole new set of players.

What do you think? Are you a purist who isn’t looking forward to seeing one of the most iconic games abused in this way? Or, do you welcome the fact that one of your all time favorite games is being ushered into the digital era?

– Katy Willis

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