Artifact, a Dota 2 spin-off card game is coming!
by - August 9, 2017 in

Valve last night announced Artifact, a new digital card game based on Dota 2, which is set to be released in 2018 (the exact date has not been confirmed yet. and sounds like it broadly simulates a game of Dota. With other gaming card based sets coming out and thriving, such as Gwent from The Witcher series, this seems like an attempt by Valve to maybe cash in on a popular medium or to give some refresh life to a game such as Dota 2 that has been around now for what seems like quite some time and has mainly grown in mainstream discussion due to the esports industry.

Until more details are released about Artifact, Dota 2 is still here and still keeping fans around the world satisfied with its game-play, be that as esport pro players, casual fans of the series or viewers. We have so many amazing Dota highlights in, go check them out!



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