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PAX South

What better way to kick off the new year than with the extravaganza that is PAX South!?! From January 23rd to January 25th, join thousands of gamers in the San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, for an awesome festival of gaming. There’s loads to do for gamers of every persuasion – from the latest esports and futuristic gaming tech, to retro console classics and even tabletop games. PAX South is offering bucket-loads of fun and some fabulous prizes, too – so this event is definitely on the list of 2015 must-sees!

Let’s take a look at a few of the attractions waiting for you.

The Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall is over 100,000 square feet of gaming heaven! It boasts shopping opportunities galore along with stands and displays from gaming companies of all sizes, from the big hitters to small indie developers. You can try out the latest games, consoles, and gaming tech or relive your youth with a wide selection of retro classics. Get a sneak peak at as-yet unreleased games and meet with the developers. Ask them questions, tell them what you think of their offerings, or just say “hi”. A little bit like E3, except that it’s for gaming fans – not just industry professionals, the PAX South Exhibit Hall boasts a unique atmosphere and is one of the most popular attractions at the event.

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Now, panels aren’t for everyone – but check the schedule here because there’s loads of different panels on offer covering an array of awesome stuff – from webseries to developer talks and Q&A sessions. Come and meet some popular developers and join in the discussion about the future of gaming or discuss the future of MMORPGs.

Console Freeplay

Indulge your passion for console gaming with the unique atmosphere of PAX in the console freeplay hall. You can try out a huge library of games, from brand new releases to ancient but brilliantly fabulous retro classics. Play on your choice of console, from next gen models to golden oldies. Opt to play alone, join a LAN game, go up against your neighbours, or make friends with them and launch a co-op campaign.

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PC Gaming Area

For those not totally in love with all things console, join in the fun in the PC gaming area, where you have access to a plethora of games on the latest gaming PCs with state of the art tech and peripherals.

Handheld Gaming Lounge

For those who want to relax and play, the handheld gaming lounge is a great choice. You can relax on comfy sofas or well-stuffed bean bags with the handheld console of your choice, from the original Gameboy to the latest DS.

Tabletop Gaming

When you want to take a break from the digital world, join in the classic fun of the tabletop gaming area. Games of all types, from D&D type RPGs to boardgame classics, the tabletop gaming area is oodles of fun and really engaging. Experience the thrill of tabletop gaming and destroy your opponents while looking them in the eye!


There’s a whole bunch of competitions to enjoy, too. You can join in or simply watch and cheer on your favourite competitors. There’s so many going on, we simply cannot list them! But there are comps in tabletop gaming, console gaming, pc gaming, and cosplay. Not to mention the highly anticipated OMEGATHON.

What is the OMEGATHON you ask? Well, many feel it’s the highlight of the whole event. It sees 20 randomly-selected individuals to compete in a series of gaming rounds. The games are all random, and most are “far out”. There’s no quick StarCraft match up here. Oh no! The games can be anything from obscure console titles from the 80s to giant motion-sensitive claw machines or never-released games. While the round games are announced before the event, the final game is a secret until match time! The winner receives a trip to Japan, while the runner up receives a ticket to PAX South for 2016.



So, the question is why wouldn’t you want to go? There’s something for literally everyone who has ever played a game!



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