April Fools!
by Dingit.tv - June 10, 2015 in
Gaming April Fools

Here’s our roundup of some of the more amusing gaming pranks for April 1st!


The team at PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology – or P-WET – have released underwater goggles, flow sensors to accurately track your underwater body movements, warterproof earbuds and – crucially – a PlayStation-branded body dryer to dry you off FAST so you can race back to your non-underwater spot in front of your console so you can carry on battling the bad guys. Just remember – if there are multiple underwater portions on a particular level, you’ll spend an awful lot of time dashing backwards and forwards to and from the pool!

Google Pac-Man

Google Maps Pac-Man is possibly the best of our roundup! Who WOULDN’T want to play Pac-Man around the streets of their favorite places?!? I can imagine whole offices grinding to an abrupt halt as people rediscover the joys of Pac-Man – but not on the traditional square maps of the original version. Oh no! Instead, across the streets of some very famous places! Avoid those dastardly ghosts as you swerve through the streets, eating those Pac Dots just as fast as you can! You can play on your computer or on mobile. Find out how and where here.

Image courtesy of Google.com

Image courtesy of Google.com

Dying Light

Love a bit of zombie-killing action? Until April 2nd, Dying Light players can enjoy super strength. That’s right! Thanks to a world-wide temporary contamination of the crucial medication Antizin, you get super-human strength so you can butcher those zombies with ease and sustain less damage. Be cautious and make the most of it though, as the effects of the contamination will wear off on April 2nd!

Angry Birds Meets FarmVille

Love Angry Birds? Love FarmVille? Have limited time and can’t decide which one to play?!? Now you don’t have to! Welcome AGRI BIRDS. Yup! FarmVille meets Angry Birds! Fun, disturbing, with elements of Angry Birds, FarmVille, survival horror, and dating sims!! It’s set to be a HIT this summer!!


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