Airbus takeoff into esports
by - November 1, 2017 in

European flight manufacturers Airbus, have become the new sponsors of a fresh League of Legends team, called Out of the Blue. The title of this team seems apt as this story have sprung out of nowhere and made many people very intrigued.

They’ve released a promo which ties in with the esport world and might suggest that they will begin to incorporate esport viewing on aircrafts they produce. Which could be a very interesting game changer (some puns can’t be helped) for the spectator side of the gaming world.

This wouldn’t be a completely new idea, given that  ESL have partnered with the Emirates Airline which allows passengers on Emirates airlines the ability to watch esports highlights in the air. Given that Airbus is sponsoring a new League of Legends team, it would make sense that their focus will be primarily on hosting viewable content relating to that team and just that game to begin with, but as it stands we’re waiting on a lot more information to come out about this surprise development.


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