A Chat with Sam, DingIt Support Ninja
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Sam Dingit

Sam has held the reigns of support steady since our beta launch. Most of you have probably suffered the wrath of his unyielding helpfulness at some point or another. Here, we let him chat about his love of all things SC2, how he got sucked into eSports and more.

Describe your role at DingIt.

My role at D!ngit is Support Management. I look after any viewers and broadcasters that have issues with our broadcast application or on the D!ngit website. I also make sure that feedback from ALL our users is documented, discussed and changes are made. I also make sure myself and my team give a little love to all the users as well. D!ngits’ goal is to be FOR the gamers, it’s my job to make sure it happens.

So far, what are the best improvements that DingIt has made to our broadcast app?

In my opinion, I think the best improvements we made recently to the D!ngit Application was when we optimized and setup the D!ngit broadcast application to stream videos games at 60 fps and 1080p Resolution – and make it work fluidly. Every user on our platform can stream at these specs flawlessly. Now we have this running, I expect we’ll see some sweet headshots and some even sweeter team engagements that result in an epic win that makes you feel like you deserve a stage, a trophy and a beer.

What’s been your most exciting day at DingIt so far?

I think seeing our first Esport event where we hosted Starcraft 2 in the ASL Prime League. It was great seeing the awesome gameplay, the casters interaction with the viewers AND the profanity competition we had with the viewers. We have a system in the chat where if you use a swear word, the word is automatically changed to a phrase from a game, film or TV series, the viewers particular favourite was the Parish Pickaxe.

What’s your favorite interaction you’ve had with a broadcaster so far?

My favourite interaction with a broadcaster was when I decided to get some broadcasters together into a game of League of Legends. While we were grouping to push mid lane we were discussing some features and changes we could make to the applications UI, but more importantly there were moments where we got some nice feedback and that they liked what we were doing and how they really wanted us to go far in this market.. Then we steam-rolled through the opposing team and smashed the enemy nexus. Another day at the office :D.

When did you start playing Starcraft?

I started playing Starcraft 2 a few years ago when a best mate of mine showed me it. At the time I thought that it looked a bit too complicated for me. I came from a FPS background where I started playing Socom on Playstation 2’s brand new online system. However, Once I played through the wings of liberty campaign mode and really got to grips with controls I started playing ranked. Of course I sucked at it at first, but you have to learn some of the basics like early game, scouting your opponent and choosing your compositions before you can expect to see any improvement on your Win/Loss ratio. I learned by watching one or 2 youtube videos (especially Day9s intro work) but also my friend taught me some early game build orders, once you survived the early game or any ‘cheese’ play; then you could get to work on making an attack/counter attack. TERRAN FOREVER!!

How did you get into eSports?

I’m part of a 4 man team of bests mates that like to game, online or lan. It’s been our thing for years and years. Initially eSports for us started when saw some professional gaming leagues of Starcraft 2 and League of Legends on WCS and LCS. We had some beer, energy drinks and doritos… I guess it stuck :). We do this kind of thing once or twice a fortnight on the weekends. Games can get as intense as it does when you watch a football (soccer) match and the crowd goes wild. It’s great to see the awesome gameplay, but also the game casters like to have a laugh and joke (and the occasional troll) which really makes the difference between watching an eSport tournament and just a professional gamers stream.

What other games do you play?

Well I build games myself as well as play them so naturally I have a large library. Most of the time it’s the mainstream stuff like LoL, WoW, SC2, Titanfall, EVE, but I do like to go through my library on steam, Origin and Uplay. I just sit and play a couple of hours of indie, or things I haven’t got to play because there’s been another huge steam sale and I’m unable to keep up with it all. AND THEN I think to myself… crap I have loads of games on the PS3 and PS4 to go through too!!!

What are some exciting features coming up for DingIt that you can’t wait to share with our broadcaster community?

Well now you’re able to control EXACTLY when a advert shows in your stream. Neat huh? We’re also working on some major features with sources and scenes, this includes getting streams to work in fullscreen (we’re running tests but we’re pretty sure if we can get that to work, it will lower the total resource usage count) so you can stream with a little more juice when you’re selecting your stream quality. Right now we’re only just starting out, so change is happening all the time. Exciting features coming to D!ngit can change every day because we have such a brilliant and fast production team behind us. Also, because we have complete control over the D!ngit application AND the website it streams to, making changes that the users want can happen in a flash. For me, that’s exciting.

What’s your favorite Video game?

I can’t choose one, it’s almost impossible to ask me that and I give you a one sentence answer. I have a few game series that I hold dear to me because they’ve been awesome for so long. Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders, Socom, Kingdom Hearts, Lost Planet, Monster Hunter and Dynasty Warriors.

Is there something else you want to share with our broadcasters? Are you really a unicorn?

Only on wednesdays.

How can viewers and partners get in touch with you?

Track me down on Twitter @DingItTVSupport or email support@dingit.tv.


Here’s how I look when the opposing chooses Teem or Darius

Here’s how I look when the opposing chooses Teem or Darius


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