9 Tips to Help You Succeed in the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
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The Elder Scrolls Online is brimming with awesomeness – and fantastical adventure awaits. But, if you’re new to MMOs or to the Elder Scrolls, whether on console or PC, it can be a daunting place. So, here’s a list of tips to help point you in the right direction, helping you have a more enjoyable experience as you explore the mythical world.


1. Race

Right off the bat, choosing your race and class correctly is essential. Your race determines your PvP allegiances and your starting area. Additionally, the bonuses you can earn throughout the game are determined by your race. They are specific to your race, and, once you’ve chosen, you cannot change your mind, unless you start all over again. The bonuses determined by your race are also generally better suited to specific classes. So, if you know that you favor a particular character class,  think even more carefully about your race before you decide.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited_20150609192145

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited_20150609192145

2. Class

After choosing your race, you have to decide on a class. Now, unlike traditional MMOs, the Elder Scrolls Online gives you far more freedom with classes. While yes, different classes have different skill sets and specialisms, you can work on these and a variety of skill subsets as you improve your character, and you’re not restricted to specific types of armor or weapons, either. You have four classes to choose from:

  • Dragon Knight – highly skilled master-at-arms and wielder of ferocious magic.
  • Sorcerer  – adept wielders of natural magic, sorcerers use the weather as a weapon.
  • Nightblade – somewhere between a sneak thief and an assassin, the nightblade uses stealth and cunning, as well as blades.
  • Templar – the versatile all-rounder, the Templar fearlessly defends the innocent and stands stalwart against the powers of darkness, calling upon the power of light and the sun to protect himself and others, and to strike down his enemies.

3. Join a Guild

tamriel guild

While you can have a blast by going it alone, like with the other Elder Scrolls games, but joining a guild adds a hole new aspect to the game. There’s two types of guilds – the AI guilds, which open up new quests, skills, and special bonuses, and player-made guilds. The player-made guild provides a persistent social circle, which makes it easy to stay in touch with team mates, and allows you to complete quests together. This is particularly important with some of the really tough quests – as you really do need a few team mates to help you out – even if it’s just as dragon-fodder! You’ll be able to deposit and withdraw gold and items from the guild bank, too, depending on how your guild leader sets the permissions. You can get a list of active guilds here.

4. Get the Best Horse You Can Afford – and Upgrade him!

tamriel horse

Wayshrines are all fine and dandy – and yes, they do speed up travel time – but this is Elder Scrolls – so you’re going to spend a lot of time covering great distances the old fashioned way. Now, there’s nothing really wrong with walking on your own two feet, as long as that’s how you enjoy playing the game – spending hours in the wilderness, collecting berries and plants and meeting the occasional enemy. However, what you really need is a good steed, which greatly reduces travel time, but still lets you explore your surroundings at will, Our advice would be to get the best horse you can afford, as soon as you can, but bear in mind that horses are an expensive commodity. Also, just spending 20,000 gold pieces on a top-of-the-line horse isn’t a guarantee that you’ve got the best horse in the realm. However much you spend, you should collect and feed apples to boost his speed, give him hay to improve his stamina and, give him oats to maximize how much weight you can carry while you ride.

5. Maximize Your Inventory

This is a crucial one that’s often overlooked. Given how far you travel between destinations and how important crafting and collecting are to the Elder Scrolls Online, you need to increase your inventory space as fast as possible. Additional slots can be costly, but being forced to drop essential items hurts you more in the long run. And, with increased inventory space, you can carry more, so you can craft more and sell more, so the additional space pays for itself quickly.

6. Collect, Loot, and Pillage

Grab anything and everything. Crafting is essential for success in Tamriel, and the best way to master it is to collect anything you find. Loot corpses, rifle through barrels and chests, collect ore and flowers while out on your travels. You can trade or sell whatever you find or combine items to craft objects you can sell for more than the individual components are worth. It’s a great way to land yourself plenty of extra gold, which is hard to come by in Tamriel, particularly when you first start. Plus, you never know what you’ll need, so keep yourself well stocked.

7. Learn the Battle System


Just repeatedly punching your oponent or firing a single spell over and over just won’t cut the mustard in this MMO. It’ll to work, to a point, on low level foes, but it really isn’t all that fun, it only works on some of the lowest level bad guys, and eventually, if you only play using this strategy, you’ll quickly come to a grinding, frustrating halt. What you need to do as quickly as possible is to learn the intricacies of the combat system.  Learn how to select the right spells or special abilities on your hotbar. Find out how to block and when best to do it and make use of dodge and interrupt, too.

8. Try PvP


Now, you can’t access PvP until you reach level 10, when the territory of Cyrodill opens. Then you can jump in and test your mettle against other players. Now, while it’s advisable to get in there as soon as you’re able, we really should mention that if you dash in there as soon as you reach level 10, you’re going to struggle – and probably get some humiliating defeats! However, if you can persevere – or perhaps gain a few extra levels before you enter, the skills and experience gains are well worth it.

9. Group Dungeons

Heading to the dungeons is a fabulous way to gain valuable experience and to meet and network with other players. You may even find yourself with an invitation to an alliance – or perhaps you’ll start one of your own, and offer invitations to some of the players you meet in the dungeons. To get a feel for dungeons, you can explore the introductory ones found in each alliance’s starting area.

So – there’s a few basic but crucial tips that will set you in good stead to conquer the world of Tamriel. What do you think? What have we missed? Do you have any of your own tips to share? Let us know!

Katy Willis

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