5 FPS games you might not have heard of!
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Some of our earliest childhood gaming memories involve playing First Person Shooter games. While we all know titles like Call of Duty, Doom and even the hardcore, rage inducing Duck Hunt (yeah we’re classifying that as a FPS, come fight us) – there are some games that people might not have heard of. Here’s a mix of retro and modern FPS games, that stand out for good or very very bad reasons.

In the Pursuit of Greed

Yes we’re starting things off with a rampaging gun-toting space cow. In Pursuit of Greed, while being a mouthful to pronounce, is a DOS game that came out in 1995. It’s set in the year 15432 (yes they just hit the number pad with their elbows and went with it), and criminal organizations are flourishing. Scavenging has become increasing profitable, since the criminal elite is willing to pay big money for their shady undertakings. Which means a lot of shooting and a lot of space-synth music repeating in the background.

Despite the snark, there’s some fond memories of playing this game. It certainly had a unique roster and tried its best to offer a variety in weapon choices. Enemy AI was somewhat clunky, with them being programmed to patrol in a very rigid pattern. But there were plenty of mad environments, pick ups and the levels themselves were not lacking in action and length. Let’s have another look at that proud space cow…

Critical Ops

Not only is this a game that you might not be aware of but its platform of choice may also shock you. Critical Ops is currently taking the mobile FPS world by storm, catering to those that want to take their CSGO interests and skills on the go. It’s the next best thing to Counter-Strike on mobile, that offers a steady grind with a rewarding return for your time. Another great benefit of the game is that it’s not pay-to-win, which is something that has been causing concern for gamers, over the past few years. Everyone gets the same load-out, and  while you can’t change the weapon choice, you can change skins. People who have a love for weapon variety and customisation might find this unappealing at the moment, but the game stands out for fairness and allowing on-the-go gameplay.

We’ve got Critical Ops Highlights on Dingit.tv

Hidden & Dangerous

In this video game set in World War 2, you can take control of four Allied commandos, in various missions. Apart from standard first person human control, there are also missions that place you in the seat of a tank and other vehicles. While this game flew under the radar for many, it gain popularity with a decent amount of fans, due to the detail included by the developers, Illusion Softworks. Mission briefs were full of interesting information, attempting to incorporate as much historical accuracy as possible. Weapon load-out choices were quite plentiful for a game of this time setting and release period.

An expansion was released in 1999, entitled Hidden & Dangerous: Fight for Freedom in the UK and Hidden & Dangerous: Devil’s Bridge in the US in 2000. This added new soldiers, weapons and missions in new locations including Poland and Greece. The sequel Hidden and Dangerous 2 came out a short while after and both games are available as freeware.


Jurassic Park Trespasser

Oooh boy this game is a special one. The opening scene alone has become infamous, given that in a game about surviving against killer dinosaurs on a remote island, the first thing the camera focuses on is your female characters’ chest, which is also where a very classy heart tattoo resides, which acts as your only HUD and tells you when your health is depleting. What a wonderful, innovative mechanic, that definitely isn’t trashy.

Known just as Trespasser, this game has provided many Lets Players with content to entertain fans, but still very few know of the game or have played it themselves. The game has incredibly poor platforming, which was the primary reason you would die. They tried to replicate Half Life’s physic achievements, by allowing you to pick up and throw objects to help you traverse and it just did not go well at all. As for the shooting itself, that was about as successful as you can imagine.  Look at that arm…

Shockingly, Steven Spielberg and Richard Attenborough both partook in this games creation and for some reason so did Minnie Driver, voicing your character, Anna. Driver went on to become the stand out star of Goldeneye


Rogue Islands

Rogue Islands is a newly released, FPS focused game in a world of magic and monsters. What developers Keystone Games have done to make this Minecraft aesthetic inspired shooter stand out, is infused it with procedural, altering environments. The game offers variety with a fusion of FPS and RPG, meaning you can gather resources, use powerful spells and take out your enemies with a mix of weapons. Your ultimate goal is to take on the Lord of Torment which is a great name for a heavy metal band, who’s music focuses on how everyone feels on a Monday.

We’ve not just picked this title because it might be one you’ve not heard of, but because the team behind the game were formed to help support children with disabilities and if you’re a long term follower of Dingit.tv you know how important that is to us and that we support Special Effect wherever possible. Keystone games have esnured, the majority of RRP will go to helping disabled and terminally ill children!


Bonus round – eSport 


CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter that was made in South Korea, by developers, SmileGate. Now if you’re an avid esport fan, you have most likely heard of this game, but it’s still surprisingly unknown in general gaming consensuses and given just how crazy big it is in Asia, it’s worth checking out. We spoke previously about this title, noting popularity is due to the basic game-play mechanics, that offer a much needed spurt of inclusion for gamers who don’t have powerful gaming PC’s or the required internet speed, to play.

Crossfire has quite a lot of modes and map options as well, which makes it even more impressive. Ghost, Shadow, Hero and Elimination are just some of the favorites. We have a soft spot for Sheep mode, for reasons we don’t need to go into right now.

What First Person Shooter game do you think people don’t know about or should, be it because it’s just so bad it’s funny or it deserves to have a renaissance period, where gamers can appreciate a hidden gem?

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