EU LCS region reformat for 2018
by - September 7, 2017 in

League of Legends may be set for a reformatting as part of the European League of Legends Championship Series coming in 2018.

The LoL championship aims to be split into four regions, which at the current time have been listed as, Paris, Berlin, London and Barcelona. The final location for the climax to the Wolrd Championships has yet to be announced. This new structure replicates the football equivalent, the Champions League. EU LCS will contain six teams in each region, making it a total of 24 combined. According to sources, teams will be granted a multiyear license from Riot Games in order to compete.

Our partners, Splyce and others teams like Fnatic, have applied for franchise membership in the North American League Championship Series.


These changes are being implemented due to EU LCS owners, commenting on concerns about the future of the league and Riot is currently recruiting teams for its domestic leagues.

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