£250,000 ($385,000) for a zombie game?!?!?
by Dingit.tv - June 10, 2015 in
dying light pack



dying light - giant bomb

Yep. We though it was a typo too. Shockingly, it’s not! It really does cost £250,000!!! There’s only one of this special edition pack – but even with all the extras – would YOU pay £250,000?!?!?

We do admit, there’s some cool stuff in the pack – but we’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s worth it! Dying Light: My Apocalypse Edition is only available from Game UK and is only available for XO.

dying light - game


You get an array of stuff – and some of it is fabulous!

Here’s the stuff that’s kinda cool but that you’d expect:

  • You get 4 signed copies of Dying Light in steel boxes for you to share with your mates.
  • An Xbox One console
  • 2 Razer Tiamat headphone sets
  • Dying Light night vision goggles
  • Adult diapers for those intense 24-hour gaming sessions


Increasing the excitement:

  • Your face IN THE GAME – skinned on to your Night Hunter character
  • A life-size figure of a Volatile to terrify your friends and neighbors.
  • Zombie-avoidance lessons with parkour phenomenon Team Ampisound
  • A trip to Techland in Wroclaw, Poland, where you’ll meet with Steve the zombie consultant – you’ll party with him, too.
  • Randomly, you get to play a “Be the Zombie” match with the devs – but the game is rigged to ensure you win so you get bragging rights. But if the game is rigged to begin with, is it really worth bragging about?!?

dying light pack


Last but by no means least, you get an awesome custom-built zombie survival shelter. This zombie-proof shelter from Tiger Homes, is a full-sized, liveable home that just happens to be zombie-proof – and is styled like a zombie survivor’s home. That’s right – but this game and get a free home!


dying light

So – would you pay £250,000 for this?!?

– Katy Willis

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